What’s a growing issue that most law firms are not even considering?

What’s a growing issue that most law firms are not even considering?

In the competitive landscape of legal services, law firms are constantly seeking ways to improve client relations and operational efficiency. CaptureNow CoFounder, Gary Falkowitz, a prominent figure in legal technology, brings attention to an often overlooked aspect that could be silently affecting client acquisition and retention: ring time.

The Problem with Ring Time

Ring time, or the duration a client waits hearing a phone ring before it’s answered, is more significant than most law firms realize. In a world where immediate gratification is not just desired but expected, making a client wait on the line sends a message of indifference. It’s akin to saying, “Wait until we’re done with what we’re doing, and then we’ll get to you.” This is not the kind of experience that fosters client trust or loyalty.

Why Immediate Response Matters

The legal industry, unlike many other service industries, demands a higher standard of client service. When someone decides to call a law firm, it’s often out of necessity rather than choice, especially for first-time callers who might be facing a critical or traumatic situation. These clients are looking for reassurance and support – something as simple as a prolonged ring can discourage them, leading to an abandoned call.

CaptureNow: A Solution to the Ring Time Dilemma

Understanding this critical issue, Gary Falkowitz and Chris O’Brien introduced CaptureNow – an automated solution, powered by machine learning, designed to eliminate ring time in law firms. CaptureNow ensures that every call is answered on the first ring, 24/7/365, offering immediate response and attention to every caller. This system is not just about efficiency; it’s about showing clients that they are valued from the very first ring.

The Success with CaptureNow

Since implementing CaptureNow, law firms have seen a notable decrease in abandoned calls and an increase in client satisfaction. The immediate response system has allowed firms to differentiate themselves in a market where client experience can be as crucial as the legal advice provided.

For more insights and a detailed explanation from Gary himself, watch our latest vlog:

While the legal prowess of a firm is undoubtedly vital, the way clients are treated from the very first interaction is equally important. CaptureNow stands at the forefront of this change, helping law firms realize the importance of immediate client response and the significant impact it can have on their success.

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