Fortune 500 technology tailored for small and mid-sized law firms

CaptureNow picks up every phone call, eliminating loss, reducing ring time, and maximizing efficiency.

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*Based on a study of 1,000 of the fastest-growing small and mid-sized law firms across the country

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WarningThe Caller’s Experience

  • Long wait times
  • Long hold times
  • Bad first impression
  • Improvised approach
  • Limited follow-up

WarningThe Firm’s Experience

  • 1,000s of missed calls annually after hours
  • Inaccurate data
  • Significant reliance on hoping the call gets answered
  • Unnecessary time spent with disqualified callers

WarningThe Caller’s Experience

  • Zero wait time
  • Immediate call response
  • Excellent client experience
  • Consistent response
  • Professional response

WarningThe Firm’s Experience

  • Accurate data integrated to the CRM
  • Every lead and call captured
  • Secure cases after hours
  • Scale your intake team
  • Never miss a call again

“Lawyers spend millions of dollars on marketing to make the phone ring, especially on nights and weekends. With CaptureNow, that is a thing of the past, your firm will never miss a call again.”

Chris O'Brien
CaptureNow, Co-Founder
Designed the Legal Industry's First CRM

Don’t replace your intake team.
Give them an edge.

Group 69

“As someone who has focused his career on maximizing law firm revenue through better intake, I can promise you that asking a caller to wait for your firm to pick up their call is a recipe for disaster. In today’s competitive legal landscape, the first to respond wins. And there are no points for second place.

Gary Falkowitz
CaptureNow, Co-Founder
The Legal Industry's Preeminent Intake & Conversion Expert


Calls Answered 24/7/365
Intelligent Automation
Speech-to-Text Transcription
Simple Self-Service Setup
Prioritized Qualification Call Routing
Dedicated Website Portal
Case-Specific Email Alerts
CaptureNow Call Recording Icon
Automatic Call Recording

Less Time Setting Up Software and More Time Signing Up Cases

CaptureNow integrates seamlessly with popular case management systems & call centers.


and more...


Our Results

I waited patiently for an option like CaptureNow for our law firm’s answering service.

After going through several traditional answering services with long wait times, lost calls, and overall poor customer service, we now have the consistency we were seeking in an answering service.

Chris Keller
Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh

CaptureNow helps us get to every call, and have a log of calls that come in when we are not in the office.

I can relax outside of work knowing my phone is being answered.

My project-1 (3)
Alan Crone
Crone Law Firm

When it comes to answering our firm's phone calls, I can't afford to gamble with a call center. My current clients and potential claimants are all looking for the same thing: A consistent and reliable response.

With CaptureNow, I finally have the ability to give this to them. CaptureNow's technology is exactly what our industry has been waiting for.

My project-1 (4)
Ryan McKeen
Connecticut Trial Firm

“Your brand is your promise to your potential clients. Live up to it by answering the call when they need you.”

Michael Mogill
CaptureNow, Co-Founder
Chairman of Crisp Ventures

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