What are your options when somebody calls your law firm?

What are your options when somebody calls your law firm?

When the clock ticks past the closing hours of your law firm, the way incoming calls are handled can drastically impact your firm’s reputation and client relationships. In this critical after-hours period, law firms are often faced with a decision that can make or break a client’s experience. Gary Falkowitz, Co-Founder of CaptureNow, sheds light on this topic, offering insights into effective call management strategies.

Consider a scenario: it’s 10:30 PM, and someone who just experienced a car accident decides to call your law firm for immediate legal assistance. Unfortunately, your office staff has called it a day. What options does your firm have? Traditional solutions include voicemails, outsourced call centers, or hoping for a callback during office hours. However, each of these paths has significant pitfalls.

Leaving clients to voicemail might seem like a straightforward solution, but it can be counterproductive. It suggests to potential clients that their urgent needs can wait, which might prompt them to look elsewhere. Voicemails often leave clients feeling ignored and undervalued – a risk no law firm should be willing to take.

Outsourcing to call centers can be a gamble with client trust. Call center representatives may lack the necessary legal knowledge or fail to accurately represent your firm’s ethos. Misinformation or mispronunciation of your firm’s name can result in damaging your hard-earned reputation. These risks are amplified in sensitive legal areas like criminal defense or personal injury law.

CaptureNow presents a transformative solution to this dilemma. It offers an automated response system that picks up every call immediately, 24/7, 365 days a year. Unlike human operators, this system is consistent, reliable, and doesn’t have bad days. It records and transcribes conversations, which are then emailed to you and uploaded into your CRM for transparency and ease of follow-up.

With CaptureNow, your firm can ensure that every caller receives prompt attention. The system’s automated nature eliminates the uncertainties and inefficiencies of human-operated systems. The technology behind CaptureNow is designed not to replace the human touch but to enhance it, ensuring professionalism and accuracy in every interaction.

As the legal industry evolves, so should the methods of client communication. CaptureNow’s approach to managing after-hours calls offers law firms an opportunity to maintain high standards of client service around the clock. By embracing this innovative technology, law firms can demonstrate their commitment to client care, reinforcing trust and building stronger client relationships.

To learn more about how CaptureNow is redefining after-hours client communication in the legal industry, watch Gary Falkowitz’s insightful discussion in our latest vlog.

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